Trouser zippers

Welcome to our extensive collection of non-separable trouser zippers. Whether you are looking for a zipper for jeans or more trousers, has it all!

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  • Extra Strong Nylon Coil Zippers: Ideal for those looking for durability and flexibility. These zippers are made of high quality nylon, perfect for trousers that are often worn and washed. This type of zipper is also called a trouser zipper.
  • Metal Pant Zippers: Commonly used in jeans and jeans, these zippers are available in bronze, silver (nickel), and gold. Our metal zippers come in common lengths from 12 cm to 20 cm, suitable for various trouser styles.

Handy Zipper Selection Aid:

  • Teeth Type Choice: Our selection offers several teeth options, including fine and coarse teeth, depending on the style and use of your pants.
  • Tape Color Options: Match the color of the zipper tape to your pants for a seamless look. Available in various colours, you can always find the perfect match.

Questions to Make the Right Choice:

  1. What type of pants do you have? (Jeans, trousers, casual trousers)
  2. What length zipper do you need? (12cm - 20cm)
  3. Do you prefer a metal or nylon coil zipper?
  4. What color teeth and tape best match your pants?
  5. Are you looking for a specific brand, such as YKK?

With our user-friendly webshop and the handy zipper selection aid, we ensure that you always find the right trouser zipper for your specific needs. Choose quality and convenience with our YKK trouser zippers!