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At we are proud to offer an extensive selection of high-quality Gütermann yarn. As experienced sewing enthusiasts, we know that using quality sewing thread is essential for a flawless sewing process, whether by hand or with a sewing machine. Our Gütermann 1000 meter mara yarn is the perfect choice for all your sewing projects and is known for its strength and durability.

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We have digitized the Gütermann yarn color chart to offer you as a customer the best color match. All product photos have been calibrated to professional standards and should give you a realistic idea of ​​the color. However, we cannot guarantee that your screen (or phone) will display the correct color. Please take this into account. The photos of the Gütermann yarn have an sRGB input profile.

Gutermann yarn 200m rainbow

Gütermann yarn with MCT technology

MCT Technology, or Micro Core Technology® from Gutermann yarn, represents an innovative approach to yarn production. This technology is based on microfilament polyester and is proudly manufactured in Germany. It's revolutionizing the world of sewing thread, and here are some of its key features:

One of the standout features of MCT Technology is its consistency. Yarn production with this technology ensures an even and precise diameter, resulting in a seam without interruptions. This contributes to consistent and beautiful sewing.

Gutermann Micro Core Technology logo MTC - Made in Germany

Strong seams are crucial in the world of sewing, and MCT Technology meets this need. By creating micro-loops, it provides a sturdy surface, leading to seams that are tear-resistant and durable. These seams also resist unraveling and are easy to baste, making the sewing process smooth.

Another advantage of MCT-based Gutermann yarns is that they are lint-free. Thanks to improved sliding properties and a silky shine, these threads leave no residue in the sewing machine, which ensures a neat and clean working environment.

The fineness and softness of MCT yarn make it ideal for use with fine needles. They require little thread tension and result in even seams without wrinkles, making your creative projects look professional.

As for sustainability, MCT Technology also proves itself to be an environmentally friendly choice. The production process is very energy efficient, with reduced CO2 emissions and minimal textile production waste, contributing to more sustainable production.

In short, Micro Core Technology® from Gutermann yarn embodies innovation in yarn production, with attention to consistency, strength, lint-free properties, fineness and durability. It offers the modern seamstress a high-quality product for beautiful seam results.

Gütermann yarn: Our Quality Guarantee

  1. Superior Strength and Durability: Gütermann yarn 200m , and the well-known Gütermann yarn Mara, are known for their excellent quality and exceptional strength. It is manufactured with the utmost care and precision, making it resistant to intensive use and wear. Whether you work with woven fabrics, jeans or fabrics with stretch, our Gütermann yarn is up to the challenge.

  2. Smooth and Problem-Free Sewing: Thanks to the high-quality composition, the Gütermann thread, including Gütermann thread Mara, glides effortlessly through the fabric, ensuring a smooth and problem-free sewing process. You won't have to worry about annoying knots or jammed threads. With our Gütermann thread sets you can unleash your creativity and realize your sewing projects with confidence.

Why Choose Gütermann yarn Mara Sets?

At we understand that customers are looking for complete solutions for their sewing projects. That is why we not only offer loose Gütermann yarn in different colors, but also handy Gütermann yarn sets. These sets have been put together to meet all your sewing needs and include Gütermann Mara thread in a variety of colours.

  1. Varied Color Collection: Our Gütermann thread Mara Sets contain an extensive range of colors that match perfectly with different fabrics and sewing projects. From neutral tones to vibrant colors, you'll find the right yarn to bring your creations to life.

  2. High Quality: Just like our individual Gütermann yarn, the quality of the Gütermann yarn Mara Sets is undisputed. You can count on the superior strength and durability that Gütermann yarn has to offer.

  3. Convenience and Efficiency: With our Gütermann Yarn Sets you no longer have to search for matching colors for your projects. The convenience of a complete set saves you time and makes your sewing process more efficient.

Gütermann Maraflex - elastic sewing thread

Discover the innovative and versatile Gütermann elastic yarn Maraflex at! This high-quality sewing thread is the perfect choice for all your sewing projects where elasticity is required. With its extraordinary elasticity and strength, Gütermann Maraflex offers a flawless and durable sewing experience.

Whether you're making garments, accessories or interior projects, Gutermann Maraflex ensures a smooth and effortless seam, making your creations look professional. This yarn is suitable for a variety of fabrics, including elastic materials, making it ideal for stretch fabrics and sportswear.

Trust the years of experience of Gutermann yarn and use the superior quality of Maraflex sewing thread. Order today and enjoy a smooth sewing experience with stunning results!

Add a touch of craftsmanship to your sewing with Gütermann Maraflex - the choice of experienced sewing enthusiasts.

Gutermann yarn and Your Perfect Sewing Partner

At we believe in delivering high-quality products that meet the expectations of our customers. With our extensive selection of Gütermann thread, including Gütermann thread Mara and handy Sewing Thread Sets, we offer the perfect solution for all your sewing projects.

Discover the Benefits of Gütermann yarn:

  • Superior strength and durability for long lasting seams.
  • Smooth and hassle-free sewing for a flawless end result.
  • Suitable for both manual and machine sewing.
  • Gütermann Mara Sewing Thread Sets for ultimate convenience and efficiency.

At we are always ready to help you with questions, advice and the best products for your sewing projects. Choose Gütermann yarn and trust our quality guarantee. Buy your Gütermann thread and Sewing Thread Sets now at and take your sewing to a higher level!