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Looking for sturdy and reliable Velcro for all your textile projects? Discover the convenience of ordering Velcro at Whether you choose sewable Velcro, self-adhesive options or velcro in black and white; we have it all ready for you!

Easily order top quality Velcro

At we understand that buying Velcro is more than a simple purchase; it is an essential part for your sewing projects, repairs and creative ventures. Our range includes everything from Velcro on a roll to handy Velcro tape, all available in various sizes and colors, such as the popular Velcro black and Velcro white.

Your Options in Velcro

Velcro on a roll: We offer Velcro on a roll for those who are bulk consumers or simply like to have stock at hand. Ideal for studios, schools or the avid do-it-yourselfer.

Sew-on Velcro: Our Velcro sew-on options are perfect for clothing and textiles where seamless integration is required. Easy to sew onto any fabric.

Self-adhesive Velcro: Are you looking for a quick and easy mounting solution? Our self-adhesive hook and loop tape is the ideal choice, ideal for many surfaces without the need for a needle and thread.

Why Velcro from

  • Wide range in different widths and lengths.
  • Choice of wide Velcro for larger surfaces or fine sizes for detailed work.
  • Velcro suitable for clothing, accessories, furniture and more.
  • High quality Velcro that can be used for a long time.
  • Tailor-made advice for every project.

How does self-adhesive Velcro work?

How does self-adhesive Velcro work? A frequently asked question to which we provide the answer. This type of Velcro has a strong adhesive layer on one side that you can easily apply to any clean and dry surface. Press firmly and you have a durable attachment without tools!

Customization and Applications of Velcro

Finding the right Velcro is crucial to the success of your project. Whether it concerns Velcro clothing repairs or tailoring curtains, our products are suitable for a wide range of applications. Our Velcro wide range is perfect for heavy materials, while our finer Velcro is ideal for lighter fabrics.

Velcro for Clothing

Making or repairing clothes? Our sewable Velcro tape is extremely reliable. It can be easily sewn onto fabrics and is machine washable, making it a durable choice for everyday use.

Velcro for DIY Projects

DIY enthusiasts will appreciate our Velcro roll and stick Velcro tapes for their flexibility and convenience. From attaching lightweight objects to walls to creating handy organizers, the possibilities are endless.

Versatility of Double Sided Velcro

Our velcro double sided range offers a unique solution that sticks to both sides, perfect for attaching carpets, car accessories, cable binding and more.

Velcro Colors

Choose from a variety of Velcro colors , including the highly sought-after Velcro Black and Velcro White, to precisely match your materials.

Frequently asked questions about Velcro

What is the best way to sew Velcro?

To sew Velcro, use a sturdy needle and sew around the edges for a secure hold.

Can self-adhesive Velcro be used on any surface?

Self-adhesive Velcro tape adheres best to clean, dry and smooth surfaces. Always test on a small area first.

Is Velcro washable?

Yes, most sewable Velcro tapes are washable and retain their adhesive strength after multiple washes.

What width of Velcro do I need?

This depends on your project. For heavier applications , wider Velcro is recommended for extra strength.

Manual and Creative Ideas for Velcro

In addition to the traditional use of Velcro, such as in clothing or as a quick attachment solution, Velcro also offers endless creative applications. With our Velcro on a roll you can determine the length yourself, which is ideal for large projects or when you regularly use Velcro.

Instructions for use for Velcro

The application of Velcro is simple. For sewing Velcro, make sure the fabric it is applied to is clean and flat. Sew close to the edges without touching the 'hooks' or 'loops' to avoid damage. For self-adhesive Velcro tape, make sure the surface is clean, dry and grease-free for best adhesion.

Creative Uses of Velcro

  • Make adjustable straps for sports equipment with Velcro wide .
  • Use double-sided velcro back to back for tying cables or securing them quickly and easily.
  • Organize tools and cables with custom-cut Velcro strips.
  • Create removable and washable covers for pet beds or children's toys.

Where to Buy Velcro?

Have you become enthusiastic after reading about the possibilities and are you wondering where do you buy Velcro or more specifically where do you buy Velcro? is your one-stop-shop for all your Velcro needs, whether you are looking for Velcro for sale in bulk or by the meter.

English term for Velcro

For international visitors or if you work with international patterns, it is useful to know that the English term for Velcro is ' Velcro '. This can help when searching for tutorials or instructions.