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Looking for the perfect zipper for your sewing project? At Fourniturenkraam.nl you will find an extensive range of zippers in different types and sizes. Whether you need a new zipper for your jacket, bag or pillow, we have it all. View our range and order the zipper you need easily and quickly online.

Easily order top quality zippers at Fourniturenkraam.nl

Why order from us?

At Fourniturenkraam.nl we make it easy for you. Whether you are looking for a specific zipper or just want to browse through our collection, you will find it all with us. We offer:

  • Skirt and Cushion zippers: this type of zipper is fine and flexible and has a narrow tooth width. This type of zipper has fine spiral teeth.
  • Trouser zippers : a zipper that you often encounter in jeans or work trousers. The teeth are wider, which gives the zipper a higher closing force. We have the trouser zipper with metal teeth or with a strong nylon spiral teeth.
  • Concealed zippers : if you are looking for a zipper that is virtually invisible, our concealed zippers are a good solution. Using this type of zipper requires some practice, but the result is a virtually invisible zipper.
  • Dividable zippers: divisible zippers are used for garments that need to be opened completely. For example on a jacket, but there are many other applications where a divisible zipper is desirable. We have divisible zippers in different designs and strengths. From plastic spiral and block zippers to the heavier metal divisible zippers.

Where can I buy zippers?

You can buy zippers in our online store, where we have a wide range to suit every sewing need. Whether you are an experienced seamstress or just starting out, we have the perfect zipper for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a specific zipper?

At Fourniturenkraam.nl! Use our search function to find the zipper you need.

Do you also sell separate zippers?

Yes, we have a wide range of loose zippers available.

What if I need advice on which zipper to buy?

Our customer service team is ready to answer all your questions and help you make the right choice.

Can I also buy large quantities of zippers at once?

Yes, please contact our customer service for more information about bulk orders.

Buy your zippers now at Fourniturenkraam.nl

Don't wait any longer and discover the convenience of buying zippers online at Fourniturenkraam.nl. Whether you are looking for a zipper repair or a new project, we have what you need. Order now and experience our fast delivery and excellent customer service. Whatever you are looking for, you can buy the perfect zipper at Fourniturenkraam.nl!