Gutermann yarn Mara Extra Strong

Discover the Robustness of Gütermann Mara Extra Strong Yarn! Are you looking for a yarn that is both reliable and versatile? Then look no further than Gütermann Mara Extra Strong Yarn No 30. This top quality yarn is your perfect partner for all heavy sewing tasks. From outdoor clothing to sturdy jeans, this yarn holds everything together.

  • Thickness & Strength: The No 30 thickness provides exceptional durability and strength, ideal for heavy duty seams and heavy fabrics.
  • Material: Made of 100% polyester, known for its elasticity and resistance to shrinking and stretching, helping your sewing keep its shape.
  • Applications: Perfect for sewing outdoor clothing, work uniforms, leather goods, jeans and other heavy materials.
  • Colourfast: Available in various colours, and known for its excellent colourfastness, even after multiple washes.
  • Sewing Machine Friendly: Despite its thickness, the thread is easy to use in sewing machines, adding to its versatility.

Trust Gütermann Mara Extra Strong Thread No 30 for all your demanding sewing projects. With this yarn you are assured of quality and durability in every stitch.