Gutermann 100m Super Strong

Super strong sewing thread from Gütermann. A spool contains 100 meters of thread.

Gütermann Super Strong thread: your ultimate sewing thread for outdoor projects

Take your outdoor creations to the next level with Gütermann Super Strong sewing thread. Specially developed to meet the demands of outdoor projects, this thread combines unparalleled strength with Gütermann's trusted quality, making it the ideal choice for all your rugged sewing needs.

Most important features:

  • Exceptional Strength: This yarn is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy use, making it perfect for sewing tents, garden cushions, tarps, and more.
  • Weather Resistant: Gütermann Super Strong Yarn is resistant to UV rays, mold and moisture, which is essential for long-lasting outdoor applications. Your projects will continue to look new season after season.
  • Versatility: Whether you're working with heavy fabrics like canvas, leather, or tarpaulin, this thread provides a smooth sewing experience without breaking or fraying, whatever your project.
  • Color Fastness: Available in a wide range of colors that remain bright and true even after exposure to sunlight and frequent washing.
  • Easy to use: Gütermann Super Strong Thread works perfectly with all types of sewing machines and hand sewing, making it a flexible option for all types of projects.

With Gütermann Super Strong Yarn the possibilities for your outdoor applications are endless. From repairing outdoor gear to creating durable and stylish outdoor accessories, this yarn ensures your projects not only look great, but are also built to last.

Invest in Gütermann Super Strong Yarn for your next outdoor project and experience the perfect combination of durability, versatility and Gütermann quality.