Textile markers | erasing water

Discover our collection of water-erasable textile markers, perfect for all your textile projects. They leave clear marks that can be easily removed with water, ideal for precision sewing, embroidery or quilting. Safe and effective, these markers are a must-have for any seamstress.

Overview of water-soluble marker pens

Water-soluble marker pens are an essential tool for anyone who works with fabrics and textiles. These markers are specially designed to make temporary markings on textiles, which can be easily washed out with water. They are ideal for projects that require precision, such as marking out patterns or creating guidelines for sewing, embroidery or quilting.

Advantages of water-soluble marker pens

The biggest advantage of these markers is that they do not leave permanent marks. Once the markings are no longer needed, they can be easily removed by holding the textile under cold or warm water or dabbing it with a damp cloth. This makes them particularly useful for projects where adjustments are common.

Usage tips

For the best result, it is advisable to first test the markers on a residual piece of fabric to ensure that the ink can actually be removed without traces. It is also important to remove the marks completely before exposing the fabric to heat, such as during ironing, because heat can set the ink and make it permanent.

Simply order your textile marker

Water-soluble marker pens are an indispensable tool for sewing and embroidery work and provide a flexible solution for temporary marking. With their easy use and effective removability, they increase the precision and flexibility of all kinds of textile projects.