Repair cloth

Repair cloth: The ideal solution for quick repairs

Whether you have a tear in your pants, need to repair a hole in your tent, or need to repair other items of clothing, we have the perfect repair cloth for you. Our range includes various types and colors of repair cloth.

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Our Range of Repair Cloths

At you will find a wide range of repair cloths. Whether you are looking for an iron-on repair cloth, a self-adhesive repair cloth, or a specific repair cloth for clothing, we have it all. Our repair cloths are strong and durable, which ensures a long-lasting repair.

Iron-on Repair Cloth

Our iron-on repair cloth is easy to use and provides a quick solution for tears or holes in your clothes or fabrics. Using an iron, securely attach the cloth to the desired location. We offer various brands, such as the popular Pronty iron-on repair cloth and the Restyle quick-fix repair cloth.

Self-adhesive Repair Cloth

For an even faster repair, you can choose our self-adhesive nylon repair cloths. These cloths have a strong adhesive on the back, making it easy to stick them to the fabric. These self-adhesive repair cloths are ideal for quick and easy repairs on the go.

Repair cloth for Jeans

Our range also includes specific repair cloth for jeans . Made from high-quality materials, these cloths are designed to blend perfectly with your clothes for an unobtrusive repair. Available in different colors and sizes, you will always find the perfect repair cloth for your pants, jacket, or other garment.

Repair cloth for tents

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Then you know how important it is to always be prepared for tears or holes in your tent. Our tent repair cloth is strong, durable and waterproof, ensuring a reliable repair even in the most challenging conditions.

How Does Repair Cloth Work?

Using repair cloth is simple and fast. For iron-on repair cloth, follow these steps:

  1. Clean and dry the area to be repaired thoroughly.
  2. Cut the repair cloth to size, making sure it is large enough to completely cover the hole or tear. Cut the corners nice and round.
  3. Place the repair cloth, sticky side down, on the area to be repaired.
  4. Use an iron to iron the cloth firmly. Follow the instructions on the packaging for the correct temperature and ironing time.
  5. Allow it to cool completely before using the garment or fabric again.

For adhesive repair cloth, follow the same steps, but you can skip the iron.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use repair cloth on all types of fabrics?

Repair cloth can be used on most types of fabric, but it is always advisable to follow the instructions on the packaging and use a small test sample if necessary.

How long does a repair with repair cloth last?

A repair cloth repair is designed to last a long time, but lifespan may vary depending on the stress on the repaired area and the method of application.