Dust shears

Fabric scissors are special scissors used for sewing and cutting fabrics.

They have a specific design and function to make fabric cutting easy and accurate. There are several types of fabric scissors available, each with their own characteristics and applications:

  1. Fabric Shears: Fabric shears are designed to cut fabric. They have a special handle that is at an angle to the blade, so you can leave the fabric neatly on the table while cutting. The length of the leaf usually varies between 20 and 30 cm. Fabric scissors are used for cutting pattern pieces and dividing fabrics.

  2. Pinking shears: Pinking shears have a blade with rectangular or triangular teeth. When you cut the fabric with these scissors, the teeth create a zigzag edge in the fabric. Pinking shears are mainly used for fabrics that fray little, such as lining fabric. They can also be used for decorative edging on fabric or craft projects.

  3. Pointed scissors: Pointed scissors, also known as embroidery scissors, are small and razor-sharp scissors that are mainly used to cut threads. They are useful for precision work and can have different shapes and sizes. Pointed scissors are widely used for embroidery and other delicate sewing and cutting work.

Using the right scissors for specific tasks is important to maintain the quality of the scissors and ensure they last a long time. For example, fabric scissors should only be used for cutting fabric and not for paper or other materials!