Press studs for thick material

Easily order robust press studs suitable for thick material , perfect for all your outdoor and maritime projects. These press buttons fall into the Auto Moto series or have the designation Sport and Camping.

Large snaps

Our collection of large 15mm snap fasteners are ideal for heavy fabrics, offering a secure fit and a long lifespan. These snaps have a high closing force.

Metal snap fasteners

Known for their durability and strength, metal snap fasteners are perfect for heavy duty use in both sports equipment and marine applications.

Tarpaulin snaps for the boat

Specially designed for tarpaulins, our boat snaps provide reliable closure and resistance to water and weather.

Sail snaps

Our sail snaps are made to withstand the force of wind and water, ideal for sails and other cloths.

Press studs for sports and camping

Whether it concerns tents, sleeping bags or outdoor clothing, our snap fasteners are made to perform in all conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to attach press studs without pliers?

Use the included stamps and a hammer to securely attach the snaps to the material without using pliers.