Zip pullers

Give your favorite items new life by quickly and effortlessly replacing damaged or broken zipper pulls.

Easily repair your zipper with our zip pullers

Is the puller of your zipper damaged or lost? Don't worry, with our selection of zipper pullers you can repair any zipper in no time. Suitable for clothing, bags and outdoor gear, our zipper pulls are designed to be easy to install and durable in use.

Why zip pullers are essential for repairs

  • Functionality: Restore the usability of your zippers with a simple replacement.
  • Versatility: Suitable for all kinds of zippers, from fine clothing zippers to coarse outdoor zippers.
  • Convenience: Replace a zipper pull in seconds without any sewing.

Choose the right zipper pull for your repair

Our range includes zip pullers in different sizes, styles and materials, so you can find the perfect match for your zipper. Whether you need a metal, plastic or leather puller, we have the solution.

Frequently asked questions about zipper pulls for repair

How do I attach a new zipper pull?

Open the zipper pull slightly with pliers, hook it to the zipper and gently pinch it closed to secure.

Can I use any zipper pull for my zipper?

It is important to choose a zipper pull that suits the size and type of your zipper. Consult our size chart or contact us for advice.

Start your repair now and bring your zippers back to life with our reliable zip pullers. Order today and enjoy functional zippers in no time!