Fiberfill filling

Looking for the perfect filling for your craft projects? Discover our range of fiberfill filling , ideal for all kinds of applications. Our fiberfill filling is made of high-quality fiberfill polyester , which ensures long-lasting shape retention and comfort. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced professional, from us you can easily purchase fiberfill for any project.

What is Fiberfill?

Fiberfill, also known as polyester fibers, is a synthetic filling material known for its exceptional plush quality and durability. It is perfect for stuffing stuffed animals, pillows, quilts and other craft projects. Our fiberfill range is available in a range of weights, including the popular fiberfill 200 gram pack, suitable for a range of applications.

Advantages of Fiberfill polyester filling

  • Lightweight : Despite its bulk, fiberfill is surprisingly light, making it ideal for projects where weight is a factor.
  • Versatile : Whether for cuddly toys, cushions or furniture upholstery, fiberfill is suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Washable : Fiberfill filling can be machine washed, making maintenance easy and convenient.
  • Hypoallergenic : Perfect for allergy sufferers as fiberfill does not cause allergic reactions.

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How to use Fiberfill?

Fiberfill is easy to use. Cut or subtract the amount needed, fill your project, and sew it closed. It is ideal for both beginners and experienced crafters.

Tips for working with fiberfill

  • Even Distribution : Make sure the fiberfill is evenly distributed to avoid lumps and achieve a smooth end result.
  • Adjusting the Density : Depending on your project, you can adjust the density of the fiberfill by using more or less.
  • Combining with Other Materials : Fiberfill can be excellently combined with other fabrics and materials for unique creations.

Frequently asked questions about fiberfill

What is the difference between fiberfill and other fillings?

Fiberfill is lighter, hypoallergenic and easier to maintain than many other types of fillings, such as down or cotton.

Can fiberfill be put in the dryer?

Yes, fiberfill is dryer safe, but it is recommended to dry it on a low temperature to prevent shrinkage.