Filling material

Easily order all your required filling materials for cuddly toys at! From polyester filling to specific materials for crocheted cuddly toys, we have it all. Ensure a perfect finish for your cuddly toys with our high-quality filling material.

Filling material for cuddly toys

Looking for stuffing for cuddly toys or specific polyester filling material? At you will find a wide choice of materials. Whether you want to stuff a stuffed animal or are looking for where to buy stuffing for stuffed animals, we offer you a wide range of options.

Our cuddly toy filling is of high quality and provides a soft and comfortable texture. In addition, it is durable and retains its shape for a long time, even after several washes. For the creative people who crochet cuddly toys themselves, we offer a small package of cuddly toy filling of 200 grams , perfectly tailored to your handmade creations.

Do you have a large project? No problem! We also offer cuddly stuffing 1 kg packages, so that you have enough material for all your creations. And if you're wondering, where can you buy cuddly stuffing? then look no further! is your reliable address for all your filling materials.

How much filling do I need?

The question of how much filling is needed for a cuddly toy is a common one. The answer depends on the size and desired comfort level of your stuffed animal. A general guideline is to fill the cuddly toy well so that it retains its shape, but not so tightly that the material is stretched. A 200 gram package is sufficient for most projects.

If you are in doubt about which filling to choose for a cuddly toy, you can always contact our customer service for expert advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which filling is best for cuddly toys?

The best stuffing for cuddly toys depends on personal preference and intended use. Polyester filling is popular for its softness, durability and washability. It is also hypoallergenic, which makes it a good choice for children's toys.

Can I wash cuddly toy stuffing?

Yes, most cuddly stuffing is washable. We recommend placing the filling in a pillowcase or laundry bag and washing on a gentle cycle to prevent clumping.