Darning wool

Easily order top quality darning wool for all your sewing projects. From versatile Scanfil darning wool to colorful Modine darning wool, find exactly what you need for durable repairs and creative sewing.

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What is darning wool?

Darning wool is a special type of yarn used for mending and strengthening clothing, especially for closing holes in knitting. It is often composed of a blend of wool and other fibers for extra durability.

Choose the perfect darning wool for your project

  • Scanfil Darning Wool: Known for its quality and durability, a must-have for every seamstress.
  • Modinetje Stopwol: Perfect for creative projects, available in various colours.
  • Darning Cotton: A great option for lighter fabrics, provides a fine finish.

Coloring darning wool

Our darning wool comes in a wide range of colours, from classic black and white to vibrant colours, to match any fabric colour.

Darning wool on a card

Each darning wool card contains 15 meters of yarn, enough for multiple repairs and projects.

Versatile and durable

Our darning wool, with a mix of natural and synthetic fibres, is both strong and flexible, ideal for long-term repairs.

Why choose our darning wool?

  • Durability: High-quality materials ensure a long lifespan.
  • Variety: A wide range of colors and types for every need.
  • For every Seamstress: Suitable for both beginners and professionals.

How to use

Darning wool is easy to use, even for beginners. Select the color that best suits your fabric and use a suitable needle to repair holes and tears discreetly and effectively.

Ideal for different types of fabrics

Whether it concerns wool sweaters or finer garments, our darning wool is suitable for various types of textiles, allowing you to achieve a professional result.

Order and get started!

Don't wait any longer and add this essential tool to your sewing kit. With Scanfil darning wool and modinetje darning wool you are ready for any repair project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between darning wool and darning cotton?

Darning wool is usually thicker and stronger, ideal for repairing woolen clothing and heavier fabrics, while darning cotton is better suited for lighter fabrics and finer repairs.

How much darning wool is on a card?

Each card of darning wool contains 15 meters of thread, which is more than enough for several repairs.

Is darning wool suitable for beginners?

Yes, darning wool is easy to use and ideal for both beginners and experienced seamstresses.

What is a modine

A modinetje traditionally refers to a young, female seamstress or milliner, often working in a fashion studio or sewing studio. This term was once widely used, especially in the context of the fashion industry and tailoring, and denoted an apprentice or assistant in the fashion world. The work of a fashionista was often focused on assisting with the making and adjustment of clothing, learning sewing techniques and gaining experience in the fashion trade.

In a broader, more figurative sense, the term can also be used to describe a young woman who is interested in fashion or who dresses according to the latest fashion trends.

However, the concept of the fashion has evolved over time, and in the contemporary context it is rarely used or has taken on a different meaning, partly due to changes in the fashion industry and the emergence of modern education and professions in the fashion and tailoring.