Chalk and Marker

Discover our extensive range of tailor's chalk, chalk pencils and pens, essential for any sewing and pattern marking.

Easily purchase all your tailor's chalk and marking tools

Tailor's chalk

Indispensable in any sewing kit, our tailor's chalk is perfect for temporarily marking fabrics, available in different colors for optimal visibility on a variety of fabrics.

Tailor's Chalk Pencil

For precise markings and fine lines, choose our high-quality tailor's chalk pencils, ideal for detailed pattern work.

Chalk pencils and pens

Achieve clean, removable lines on fabric with our selection of chalk pencils and pens, perfect for marking buttonholes, hems and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy tailor's chalk?

Tailor's chalk is available in our webshop under the category 'Chalk and Marking', with an extensive choice of colors and types for every fabric.

How does tailor's chalk powder work?

Tailor's chalk powder is used with a marking wheel or pen to transfer pattern lines to fabric, easily washable or brushable.