Press studs for thin fabrics

Effortlessly order the perfect press studs for thin fabrics, specially designed for the finest materials and delicate projects.

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Easily buy press stud sets for thin fabrics

Snap fasteners for baby clothes

Soft, secure and easy to handle, our snaps are perfect for baby clothes, ensuring comfort and convenience for the little ones.

Colored press studs

Add a splash of color to your creations with our range of colored snap fasteners, ideal for personalizing any garment or accessory.

Jersey snaps

Specially developed for the stretchiness of jersey fabrics, our jersey snaps provide a strong closure without damaging the fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attach snaps to thin fabrics?

When attaching press studs to thin fabrics, we recommend working carefully with press stud pliers or stamping set so as not to damage the fabric.

What size snaps do I need for baby clothes?

For baby clothes, we recommend small, lightweight snaps that are comfortable on the skin and easy for caregivers to open and close.