Seam tape

Order your seam tape quickly and easily at! Whether you are a hobbyist or professional, our range offers a wide choice of seam tapes for all your sewing projects. Reinforce seams and edges with our high-quality seam tapes.

Want to buy seam tape and use it quickly?

Seam tape is an essential component in the world of sewing and strengthens seams and edges of fabrics. It is ideal for processing stretchy fabrics, ensuring your garments retain their shape and get a professional finish. In our range you will find different types of seam tape, including:

  • Vlieseline Seam Tape Flexible : This is a soft, flexible seam tape that is perfect for elastic fabrics. It provides extra reinforcement without making the fabric stiff.
  • Stretchable Seam Tape : Specially designed for fabrics that need to stretch, such as jersey or tricot.

How to process seam tape?

Processing seam tape is simple and can make a big difference in the finish of your project. Follow these steps to properly apply seam tape:

  1. Measure and Cut : Measure the length of the seam you want to reinforce and cut the seam tape to size.
  2. Place the Seam Tape : Place the seam tape on the seam, adhesive side down.
  3. Iron : Use an iron to secure the seam tape. Make sure you follow the instructions on the package for the correct temperature and pressure.
  4. Sew : After ironing, you can sew the seam as usual.

Why choose our Seam Tape?

  • Quality : We only offer seam tape of the highest quality, so that your projects are always professionally finished.
  • Wide Range : From flexible fleece line seam tape to stretchy seam tape, we have it all.
  • Convenience : Our website is user-friendly, so you can quickly and easily find and order the right seam tape.

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