Bias tape 20 mm wide

Simply order your 20 mm wide bias tape at and give your sewing projects a professional finish!

Bias tape 20 mm: perfect finish for every project

Bias tape is an essential sewing accessory, used for finishing edges, creating piping, or as a decorative element. Our 20mm wide bias tape, also known as bias tape 2cm wide, is versatile and suitable for a wide range of projects, from clothing to home decor.

Why choose 20 mm bias tape?

  • Ideal for finishing medium-sized edges and seams.
  • Perfect for creating contrasts or as a complementary finish.
  • Suitable for both clothing and interior projects.

Applications of bias tape 2 cm wide

With its ideal width, this bias tape is perfect for hemming garments such as skirts, dresses, and jackets, as well as for finishing the edges of quilts, tablecloths, and more.

FAQs about bias binding

How do I use 20 mm wide bias tape?

Fold the bias tape over the edge of the fabric and sew it in place for a neat finish.

Can I use bias tape for round edges?

Yes, bias tape is flexible and can easily be adjusted to fit round and curved edges.