Adhesive fleece - Vlieseline - Reinforcement

Fusible interfacing, also known as fusible stabilizer, is essential for reinforcing fabrics in sewing projects. It is perfect for collars, cuffs and other areas that need structure.

Everything you need to know about Adhesive Vlieseline, Adhesive Vlieseline, Adhesive Cotton and Vlieseline - Reinforcement

Welcome to the world of reinforcement, where we will introduce you in detail to Plakvlies, Plakvlieseline, Plakcotton and Vlieseline - essential materials for your sewing and textile projects.

The versatility of Vlieseline reinforcement

Stabilization is a crucial element in the world of sewing and textiles, and these four materials play a key role:

Adhesive fleece

Adhesive fleece, also known as fusible interfacing, is a versatile material that gives fabrics extra strength and stability. The adhesive on one side allows you to easily adhere it to your fabric.

Adhesive interfacing

Adhesive interfacing is a variation of interfacing that offers similar reinforcement, but with the useful addition of adhesive properties. This makes it ideal for various applications in your sewing.

Sticky cotton

Sticky cotton, as the name suggests, provides reinforcement using cotton materials. It is an excellent choice for projects that require the natural look of cotton.

Vlieseline - Reinforcement

Vlieseline is a general term for reinforcement materials that are available in different variants, including stickable and non-stickable versions. It provides stability and structure to your fabrics.

Applications of these reinforcement materials

These reinforcement materials have various applications in the world of sewing and textiles:

  • Adhesive fleece : Ideal for reinforcing seams, edges, fringes, loops, appliqué, patchwork and quilting.
  • Adhesive fleece line : Offers the same advantages as adhesive fleece, but with extra adhesive properties for easy attachment.
  • Tape Cotton : Perfect for projects where the natural look and texture of cotton is desired.
  • Vlieseline - Reinforcement : Suitable for a wide range of applications and available in different variants to meet your project requirements.

How to use

The use of these reinforcement materials is simple and effective. Place the material on the back of the fabric and iron it at a low temperature. The heat-sensitive adhesive ensures a firm bond. Be careful not to iron for too long to avoid damaging the fabric.

Various options available

At we offer a wide range of these reinforcement materials, including Plakvlies, Plakvlieseline, Plakcotton and Vlieseline in various variants, widths and colors. This allows you to always make the right choice, tailored to your specific project needs.

Tips for success

To achieve the best results, we recommend first making a test piece on a similar fabric. This will help you determine the correct temperature and ironing time. Always work on a clean, flat surface and keep children away from the iron.

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Adhesive fleece, Adhesive fleece, Adhesive cotton and Vlieseline - Reinforcement are indispensable tools to take your sewing and textile projects to the next level. With the right knowledge and products you can give your creations the perfect strength and stability. At we are ready to offer you high-quality reinforcement materials and provide expert advice. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or assistance in choosing the right materials for your project. Your success is our priority. Happy sewing!