Nesting rings

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Looking for quality nesting rings for your sewing or craft project? Discover our wide range of nesting rings and matching nesting pliers.

Discover Our Range of Nesting Rings

At we offer a wide range of nesting rings, available in various sizes such as 5mm and 8mm, and colors. Crafted from durable materials, our nesting rings are perfect for reinforcing holes in fabric or leather, ensuring a professional finish to your project.

  • Nesting rings 5mm: Ideal for finer fabrics and smaller projects.
  • Nesting rings 8mm: Perfect for sturdier materials and larger holes.

How do you attach nesting rings?

Attaching nesting rings is quick and easy with the right tools. Our nesting ring pliers make placing nesting rings a piece of cake. Just follow our simple steps to professionally attach your nesting rings.

Steps for Attaching Nesting Rings:

  1. Mark the position where the nesting ring should be placed.
  2. Cut or punch a small hole at the marked spot.
  3. Place the bottom of the nesting ring at the bottom of the material.
  4. Place the top of the nesting ring at the top of the material.
  5. Use the nesting ring pliers to securely tighten the ring.

What are Nesting Rings?

Nesting rings, also called nesting eyes or nesting eyes, are small metal rings that are placed into a hole in fabric or leather to strengthen it and prevent wear and tear. They are often used in clothing, bags, and other textile products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right size nesting ring?

The size you need depends on your project. Use 5mm nesting rings for finer fabrics and smaller projects, and 8mm nesting rings for sturdier materials.

How do I use nesting pliers?

Place the nesting ring in the prym vario pliers , position it on the fabric where you want to attach the ring, and squeeze the pliers to secure the ring.