Gutermann Mara 120 1000m - Color chart

The digital color chart for Gutermann thread Mara 1000 meters is a carefully designed tool to help you choose the perfect color of sewing thread for your projects. This card shows all the colors that we can supply from stock, with this overview it is easy to compare shades and order the desired color.

Wit - neutrale tinten:
Grijs - zwarte tinten
Beige - Bruin tinten
Geel tinten
Groene tinten
Blauw tinten
Oranje - Rood tinten
Roze - paarse tinten

Easily order Gutermann mara yarn 1000 meters with our color chart!

The color swatches on the card are made with high-quality calibrated equipment, which ensures a realistic and reliable representation of each color. This guarantees that the colors you see on screen match the actual yarn shades as closely as possible.

However, it is important to emphasize that despite the accuracy of our color chart, we have no control over the customer's screen settings. Screen resolutions and color settings may vary, which may result in minor deviations in color reproduction. Customers are encouraged to consider these variables when making their selection.

The digital color chart for Gutermann thread Mara 1000 meters is an essential tool for anyone looking for a specific color of sewing thread with the guarantee of quality and accuracy.