Bias tape elastic 20 mm

Easily order your elastic bias tape of 20 mm wide at, perfect for stretchy comfort!

Elastic Bias Tape 20 mm: flexibility and style

Elastic bias tape, often also called tricot bias tape, combines the functionality of traditional bias tape with the added flexibility of elastic. Our 20mm wide elastic bias tape is ideal for finishing stretch textiles and provides a comfortable, customizable fit.

Advantages of elastic bias tape 2 cm wide

  • Perfect for finishing stretchy fabrics such as jersey, tricot, and more.
  • Provides a professional look while maintaining comfort.
  • Excellent for garments that require flexibility, such as sportswear, underwear and children's clothing.

Tricot bias tape 20 mm in your sewing

This versatile bias tape is ideal for hemming jersey garments such as T-shirts, leggings and baby clothes, providing a neat finish without restricting the stretch of the fabric.

FAQs about elastic bias tape

How do I attach elastic bias tape?

Stretch the bias tape slightly as you sew it along the edge of the fabric so that it fits nicely.

Is elastic bias tape suitable for all fabrics?

It is especially suitable for stretchy fabrics, but can also add an interesting texture to non-stretch fabrics.