Twill tape

Twill tape: essential and strong, ideal for any sewing project! Available in various colors and widths for your unique creations.

What is Twill Tape?

Twill tape is a versatile tape made from strong woven fabric, often used in the textile and clothing industries for reinforcement, finishing or as a decorative element. The diagonal weave structure of twill tape makes it more durable and robust than standard woven tapes, making it ideal for heavier applications.

Why use twill tape?

Due to its strength and versatility, twill tape is perfect for finishing seams, reinforcing corners or holes, and creating straps, straps or handles for bags. It is also popular as decorative trim or to add accents to clothing and home decor.

Our twill tape range

In our webshop you will find twill tape in different widths and colors, suitable for every project. Whether you're a hobbyist who likes to experiment with different materials or a professional looking for reliable quality, our twill tape provides the strength and flexibility you need.