Blind zippers offers an extensive selection of invisible zippers, perfect for sewing projects where a seamless finish is desired. In this informative article, we discuss everything you need to know about concealed zippers, from their uses to how to deploy them and why they are an essential addition to your sewing projects.

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What are Blind Zippers?

A concealed zipper, also known as a concealed seam zipper, is a type of zipper that can be incorporated invisibly into a garment. The zipper is deployed in such a way that only the tab of the runner is visible. This ensures a seamless and professional finish, perfect for elegant garments made from precious fabrics.

Applications of Blind Zippers

Concealed zippers are versatile in their use and can be applied to a variety of garments and accessories, including:

  • Dresses: Concealed zippers are ideal for dresses because they maintain the seamless look without interruptions from visible zippers.

  • Skirts: For skirts, especially if they are made of fabrics such as silk or satin, concealed zippers are an excellent choice to enhance the appearance.

  • Blouses: Concealed zippers add a touch of elegance to blouses, making them look more professional.

  • Trousers: Although less common, concealed zippers can also be used ontrousers to create a streamlined look.

How to use a blind zipper?

Installing a concealed zipper requires some skill, but with the right instructions you can do it yourself. Here's a simple step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Preparation: Make sure you have all the necessary materials on hand, including the concealed zipper, the garment and a concealed zipper foot for your sewing machine.

  2. Preparing the seam: Sew the seam where you want to place the zipper, and press it open for a neat finish.

  3. Preparing the zipper: Open the zipper and flatten the teeth. This helps the zipper to deploy more smoothly.

  4. Install the zipper foot: Attach the invisible zipper foot to your sewing machine.

  5. To start sewing: Place the zipper right side down on the unfolded seam, making sure the zipper teeth match the seam line. Carefully sew the zipper in place using the concealed zipper foot.

  6. Finishing: Once the zipper is sewn, close it and check that the seam is nice and invisible.

  7. Trim excess fabric: Trim any excess fabric and iron the seam for a neat finish.

Where to buy invisible zippers?

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In short, concealed zippers are the ideal choice for sewing enthusiasts who strive for a seamless and professional finish to their garments. Whether you are making dresses, skirts, blouses or trousers, a concealed zipper adds a touch of elegance to your creations.