Elastic cord

We offer a varied range of elastic cord within our product selection.

Our elastic cord for outdoor applications, also known as shock cord, has a UV-resistant polyester outer sheath, which ensures durability, even under harsh weather conditions. The elastic core consists of parallel running latex threads.

elastic cord construction outer sheath and latex threads

Our elastic cord makes DIY jobs simple and effective. This high-quality cord offers a wide range of benefits for different applications. Whether you're a handy do-it-yourselfer or looking for professional use, our elastic cord has got you covered.

Main benefits:

  • Flexibility and strength: Our elastic cord is available in various diameters, including 8mm , 12mm , 3mm , 5mm , 12mm and 14mm , offering the right degree of flexibility and strength for your project.

  • Durability: Made from high-quality materials, our cord is resistant to wear and tear and the influences of nature. Designed to the highest standards for outdoor applications, providing reliable and long-lasting performance for a variety of applications.

  • Customization: You can order our elastic cord per meter, per 5 meters, per 10 meters, or per 25 meters, so that you get exactly the quantity you need, at a fair bulk price.

Whether you want to stretch canvas, repair outdoor furniture, tailor clothing, equip trailer tarpaulin, or even sew, our elastic cord is the ideal choice.

This specific type of elastic cord is particularly robust and serves excellently as a quick-tie elastic. Thanks to its remarkable elasticity, this cord is a popular choice for sun shades, trampolines and camping equipment. In addition, our elastic cord for outdoor applications is widely used in maritime environments, where it is often used as a mooring line . For sailcloths it is advisable to place sail rings in the cloth, this provides extra strength and ensures less wear.

Choose convenience, strength and durability. Order our elastic cord today and complete your projects with confidence. Don't wait any longer - get started!