Press studs for jacket and bag

Find the perfect snaps for all your fashion and accessory projects, from casual wear to functional outerwear.

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Easily buy snaps for jackets and bags

Anorak snaps

Our anorak snaps are specially designed for high-quality outerwear, providing secure closures and withstanding the elements.

Press studs for outdoor clothing

Explore our range of snap fasteners for jackets and bags, suitable for all kinds of textiles from light fabrics to heavy outerwear.

Snaps for Bags

Reinforce your bags with our durable snap fasteners, ideal for creating secure closures in handbags, backpacks and more.

Large snaps for jacket

Large snaps are perfect for jackets, providing bold style and reliable functionality in any garment.

Press stud trousers

Replace buttons in trousers or add them for a practical and fashionable update with our high-quality press studs.

Buy press studs for leather

Our range includes special press studs for leather, perfect for attaching leather and imitation leather to all your designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right snaps for my project?

Consider the thickness and type of material of your project when choosing snaps. For heavier materials such as leather, choose snaps specifically designed for leather.

Can I attach press studs myself?

Yes, with the right tools such as snap pliers or a hammer and punch set you can easily attach snaps yourself.