Gutermann yarn Mara 1000 meters

Buy the versatile Gütermann yarn Mara now with an impressive length of 1000 meters and a practical thickness of 120, available in a diverse palette of more than 45 colors. Ideal as an overlock thread and perfect for a range of sewing projects.

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Order Simple Gütermann Yarn of 1000 Meters

Whether you are an amateur seamstress or a professional in the studio, Gütermann yarn is a trusted name in the sewing world. Famous for its strength and durability, the Gütermann mara line offers 1000 meters of thread that is perfect not only for sergers, but also for general sewing. Its 120 thickness makes it suitable for both thin and medium fabrics, and you can use it everywhere from clothing repairs to creating new designs.

Colorful Gütermann yarn range

With more than 45 color options, Gütermann enables everyone to find the right shade for every project. The extensive color selection makes it easy to match exactly the right yarn for your fabric, whether you need an understated color or one that really stands out. And with the option to purchase Gütermann yarn cheaply with a 10% discount from 4 spools, quality is never far from sight.

Durability and Reliability

Gütermann is known for its strong and reliable thread, which means you can rely on the durability of your sewing. Appreciated by professionals, Gütermann atelier yarn showcases the quality the brand is known for, guaranteeing that your work will last, even with regular washing and wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the thickness of this Gütermann yarn?

The Gütermann mara yarn that we offer has a thickness of 120, which makes it widely applicable for different fabrics and projects.

Is Gütermann Mara thread suitable for use in serger machines?

Yes, due to its length of 1000 meters, our Gütermann yarn Mara is also ideal as an overlock yarn, which gives you more flexibility in your sewing.