Bias tape 30 mm wide

Easily buy wide bias tape of 30 mm for extra stability and coverage in your sewing projects at!

Bias tape 30 mm wide: for that extra touch

Our 30mm wide bias tape offers more than just a finish; it adds stability and a striking detail to your sewing. Ideal for larger projects or when you want a wider edge for extra emphasis.

Why choose wider bias tape?

  • Greater Coverage: Perfect for finishing the edges of quilts, tablecloths and other large textile projects.
  • Stability: Adds extra strength to the edges of heavier fabrics or projects that have to withstand more wear and tear.
  • Striking Design: Makes a statement and adds a visually appealing finish to clothing, accessories, and home decor.

Applications of 30 mm bias tape

This wider bias tape is not only functional but also decorative. Use it to border curtains, finish jacket pockets or as a colorful accent along the hem of a skirt or dress.

FAQs about 30 mm bias tape

How do I sew on wider bias tape?

Unfold the bias tape and sew one side along the fabric edge first, then fold it over the edge and sew the other side for a neat finish.

Can I use wider bias tape for clothing?

Yes, it is excellent for creating striking finishes on garments, especially along necklines and sleeves.