Gütermann Mara 1000m sets

Offer sets of 4 spools of Gütermann thread Mara 100 meters sewing thread. We have made different color sets so that you can immediately benefit from this offer.

This thread is very suitable for professional use, but also for household sewing machines. It is available in 1000 meter spools, which provides enough thread for a variety of projects. Moreover, it offers a wide range of colors, so you can always make the right choice for your sewing projects.

The Gütermann yarn Mara 1000m yarn is made of 100% polyester and is known for its uniform thread without spinning errors. It is ideal for making jackets, vests, trousers, shorts and light backpacks and bags. It is recommended to use a universal needle in gauge 70-90 .

Where to buy Gütermann yarn?

Nowadays it is more difficult to buy Gütermann yarn. People often wonder where Gütermann yarn is still for sale. That is why we at Haberdashery Kraam offer a growing range of Gütermann yarn. We have put together a Gütermann Mara 1000m color sets so that you can easily buy Gütermann yarn at Fourniturenkraam.nl There are many discounts on these put together sets.