Jeans repair cloth

Are your favorite jeans damaged? No problem! With our high-quality repair cloth for jeans you can quickly and easily repair your trousers and make them look like new again.

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Repair your jeans with our repair cloth

Our range of repair cloth for jeans is specially designed to quickly and efficiently repair tears, holes or wear in your denim clothing. The cloth is made of durable material that significantly extends the lifespan of your garment.

How does it work?

Our jeans repair cloth is easy to use. You just need to place it over the damaged part of your jeans and iron it in place. The heat of the iron activates the adhesive layer on the back of the repair cloth, causing it to adhere firmly to your clothing.

Benefits and features

  • Quick repair : With our quick fix jeans repair cloth you can repair your clothes within a few minutes.
  • Durable : The cloth is made of strong material that can withstand further wear and tear.
  • Easy to use : The iron-on repair cloth for jeans is easy to apply with an iron.
  • Various colours : We offer repair cloth in different colours, including jeans repair cloth black, to best match your garment.

Frequently asked questions about jeans repair cloth

How do I apply the repair cloth?

Place the repair cloth over the damaged part of your jeans and iron it with an iron on medium heat. Make sure the cloth is completely covered and the edges are properly ironed.

Can I wash the repair cloth?

Yes, the repair cloth is machine washable. We do recommend washing the garment inside out and following the washing instructions of both the garment and the repair cloth.

Is the repair cloth also suitable for other fabrics?

The repair cloth is primarily designed for jeans and other denim products, but it can also be used on other heavy-duty fabrics. Test it in an inconspicuous area first to make sure it works as desired.

Is there also thin and rinse jeans repair cloth?

Standard jeans repair cloth is thick and sturdy. also has a thin and smoother variant of jeans repair cloth available. Especially for the current thinner jeans fabrics.

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