Self-adhesive repair cloth

Meet our self-adhesive repair cloth, made of high-quality nylon ! This versatile repair cloth is specially designed to repair tears, holes and damage in various materials. In addition to rainwear, travel bags and camping items, it is also suitable for a wide range of other applications.

Perfect solution for all repairs

Durable and reliable

Whether you have a tear in your nylon jacket, a damaged raincoat, a hole in your sleeping bag, a damaged tent or even a broken parasol, our self-adhesive repair cloth offers the perfect solution. The durable nylon material ensures a waterproof and reliable repair regardless of the material it is applied to.

Simple and effective to use

When using our self-adhesive repair cloth, we recommend cutting the corners nicely round. This not only ensures a neat finish, but also better adhesion to the surface. The self-adhesive backing ensures that the repair cloth remains firmly in place, even under different weather conditions and loads.

How to use

To apply the repair cloth, simply cut a piece to size and cut the corners nicely round. Remove the protective film from the adhesive backing and place it firmly on the damaged area. Press it well to ensure optimal adhesion. The repair cloth can be applied to both smooth and rough surfaces, and the flexible nylon material easily conforms to curved or shaped areas.

Extend the life of your outdoor equipment

With our self-adhesive nylon repair cloth you can enjoy your nylon jackets, raincoats, sleeping bags, tents, parasols and more for longer. It provides a convenient and reliable solution for keeping your favorite outdoor and rainproof items in good condition, without having to throw them away or make expensive repairs.

Be prepared for any situation

Add our self-adhesive repair cloth to your equipment and be prepared for any unforeseen damage. Extend the life of your beloved outdoor items with this practical and versatile repair cloth.