Animal iron-on applications

Animal iron-on appliqués are colorful and creative patches that you can iron on to clothes or fabrics, ideal for personalizing your wardrobe. From cute pets to exotic animals, these appliques add a unique style to any garment.

Discover the world of animal iron-on applications

Animal iron-on transfers offer a wide range of designs, from the beloved pets such as dogs and cats, to the majestic look of wild animals such as lions and elephants. These applications are not only a way to decorate your clothes, but also a way to make a statement with your personal style.

How to use

Applying these applications is simple and can easily be done at home with an iron. Make sure the surface is clean and smooth, place the application on the desired spot, and iron over it according to the instructions provided. Within a few minutes your garment will be transformed and given a personal touch.

Who are they suitable for?

Animal iron-on applications are for everyone. Children love the colorful and playful designs, while adults can opt for more stylized or realistic animal images. They're perfect for customizing T-shirts, jackets, backpacks, and even linens, transforming everyday items into unique personal expressions.

Practical applications

In addition to adding style, animal iron-on appliqués can also be used for practical purposes, such as covering small holes or stains on clothing. This gives your favorite pieces a second life, which is both sustainable and economical.


Whether you're an animal lover, want to personalize your clothes, or are just looking for a creative way to hide minor damage, animal iron-on appliqués are a simple and fun solution. With an endless variety of designs, there is always an application that fits your style perfectly.