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Everything You Need To Know About Elastic Cord For Trampolines, Tarpaulins And Shade Sails

by Jordi Drieman 01 Aug 2023
  • Gardening : Elastic cord can be used in the garden to support plants and tie them to fences or support posts. The elastic character ensures that the plants can grow and move without being damaged.

  • Camping : When camping, bungee cord can be used to stretch a tarp or tarp for extra shade or protection from rain. The cord can also be used to make a clothesline for drying wet clothes.

  • DIY and DIY : Elastic cord can come in handy for DIY and DIY projects. It can be used to temporarily hold materials together while you work, such as securing a tarp or bundling pieces of wood.

  • Using bungee cord as a bungee cord is practical and versatile, providing a simple and effective way to keep a variety of items in place. Make sure you choose an elastic cord that is suitable for the specific application, with the correct diameter and strength to withstand the tension required.

    Choosing Elastic Cord

    There are several important considerations when choosing elastic cord. First of all, it is essential to select the right material. Our elastic cords are made of latex with a polyester matel, which is highly elastic and resistant to abrasion, mold and UV rays. Another common option is nylon, which also has excellent elastic cord properties.

    In addition, the diameter of the cord is important. A larger diameter will stretch less than a smaller one, but can hold more weight. The construction type is also important. Braided elastic cord is generally stronger than knitted or woven cords because it holds together better when stretched.

    Tying Knots with Elastic Cord

    Various knots can be tied with elastic cord. Here are some basic knots you can make with elastic cord:

    Figure-8 knot

    A figure-eight knot is a simple and effective way to tie two pieces of elastic cord together. It is essential that the knot is tight to prevent loosening.

    Overhand Loop Knot

    The Overhand Loop Knot, also known as the European Death Knot, is a knot often used to tie two ropes together. The knot is tied by making a loop in the rope and then passing the free end through the loop.

    slip stitch

    The slip stitch is a knot that can be easily untied by pulling it. The end of the cord is passed through the loop and then pulled taut. This knot is useful for tying a rope around an object so that the knot can be loosened by pulling the end of the rope.


    Elastic cord is a versatile and durable tool with various applications, especially for trampolines and shade sails. It is ideal for tensioning trampolines and securing shade sails securely. At we offer high-quality elastic cords with an outer sheath of Polyester and a latex core that are suitable for these applications. Choose the right elastic cord for your specific needs and experience the benefits of a firm and safe attachment of trampolines and shade sails.

    Discover the many benefits of elastic cord at and enjoy high-quality materials and excellent service for all your elastic cord needs. Don't wait any longer and discover the power and versatility of elastic cord for your trampolines and shade sails today!

    Elastic cord , also known as elastic rope or shock cord, is a versatile and essential tool used in a variety of applications. At

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