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The art of sewing with Gütermann sewing thread: quality, durability and variety

19 Oct 2023

When you talk about high-quality sewing thread, the name Gutermann is almost always the first thing that comes to mind. With more than 40 years of experience in the haberdashery market, we at can say with confidence that Gütermann sewing thread is a must-have for both the amateur seamstress and the professional. In this blog we dive into the versatility, durability and excellent quality of Gutermann yarn.

Why choose Gütermann sewing thread?

There are several reasons to choose Gutermann yarn:

  • Premium Quality : Made in Germany, Gutermann yarn is known for its unparalleled quality.
  • Durability : The thread is resistant to wear and tear, making your sewing last longer.
  • Wide Range of Colors and Types : Whether you are looking for basic colors or something more exotic, Gutermann has it all.

A look at our collection

At we are proud of our extensive collection of Gutermann sewing thread . Here is a selection from our offer:

Product Description Application
Gutermann Mara 1000m 1000m Atelier yarn Normal textiles
Gutermann Yarn 200m Perfect for everyday use Light to medium textiles
Gutermann Metallic Sewing Thread Set Shimmering yarn for a unique effect Decorative sewing

Featured sets for all sewing projects

If you need multiple colors or types, our Gutermann yarn sets are an excellent choice. From the Gutermann Mara 1000m set in white, ecru, dark blue and black to the vibrant sewing thread set with pink and purple colors , there is something for everyone.

Special offers

A family business with a passion for haberdashery

At we are committed to providing you with the best products and excellent customer service. Our offering has evolved digitally over the years and we are proud to now be able to offer you an extensive range of quality products online.

For more information and products , visit our homepage .

Thank you for choosing for all your haberdashery needs. Happy sewing!

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