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Repair cloth: You can repair durable clothing yourself!

17 Oct 2023

If you are ever confronted with a tear in your favorite blouse or an unwanted hole in your jeans, you no longer have to fear expensive repairs or throwing away items of clothing. At we understand the importance of sustainability and self-reliance when it comes to clothing repairs. That is why we would like to introduce you to the world of repair cloth, an indispensable product.

Repair Cloth: An Overview

Repair cloth is a lifesaver for garments that need some extra love and care. The concept is simple: select the right type of repair cloth for your specific needs and follow a few simple steps to get your clothes back in top shape.

How does it work?

  1. Choose the Right Repair Cloth : It all starts with the right choice. Repair cloth is available in different types, each suitable for specific materials and applications. Here are the main variants:

    • Cotton repair cloth : This type of repair cloth is ideal for light to medium-weight quality cotton clothing, such as shirts, blouses, summer trousers and children's jackets. Measuring 11 x 25 cm and available in 15 colours, it is a versatile choice.

    • Repair Cloth for Heavy Fabrics (Twill) : For robust garments such as heavy-duty trousers and jackets, this repair cloth made of 70% polyester and 30% cotton is the right choice. It has a size of 10 x 40 cm and is available in several colors.

    • Jersey Repair Cloth : Stretchy fabrics require special attention. This polyester repair cloth is perfect for materials such as tricot or jersey. It stretches with the garment and is available in dark colors.

    • Jeans Repair Cloth : Jeans can now be easily repaired with this 100% cotton jeans repair cloth. It is available in 4 jeans colors and has a size of 10 x 40 cm.

    • Nylon repair cloth : For materials that cannot be ironed, there is nylon repair cloth with an adhesive layer on the back. This makes it suitable for sportswear, rain suits and more. It is available in several colors and has a size of 10 x 20 cm.

  2. Repair in just a few steps :

    • Cut a piece of repair cloth that completely covers the hole or tear.
    • Round the corners of the repair cloth with scissors to prevent peeling.
    • Turn the garment inside out and place the repair cloth over the hole.
    • Iron the repair cloth onto the hole with an iron without steam, according to the recommendations on the package.

For places where there is a lot of movement, such as thighs or knees, you can secure the repair cloth with a few stitches for extra strength.

Why Repair Cloth?

Repair cloth offers numerous advantages:

  • Durability: Instead of throwing away clothes, repair cloth extends the life of your favorite garments.
  • Cost Saving: It is a cost-effective solution compared to expensive professional repairs.
  • Environmentally friendly: It promotes sustainability by reducing waste and making clothes last longer.
  • Invisible Repairs: Repair cloth ensures that your repairs are virtually invisible, keeping your clothes looking like new.

Choose Your Repair Cloth

At we understand the value of high-quality repair cloth. That's why we offer a wide range of options so you can always find the right repair cloth for your needs. Our repair cloths are of high quality, available in various colors and suitable for various applications.

Order your repair cloth now and give your clothes a second chance. With our fast delivery you will soon be able to enjoy your repaired garments again. What are you waiting for? Start repairing and reduce waste!

Don't have a specific item of clothing to repair yet? No problem! Our range also includes assorted repair cloth sets, so you always have the right repair cloth at hand for quick repairs. Good luck with your repairs!

Elbow Patches: Recovery and Style in One

Sometimes your clothes deserve not only repair, but also a touch of style. That's where elbow patches come into play. This smart addition to your wardrobe is both practical and fashionable.

Why Elbow Patches?

Picture this: you have a favorite sweater or jacket that still feels great, but the elbows are worn out. Instead of getting rid of the entire garment, you can now give your favorite items new life with elbow patches.

The Assortment

At we offer a wide range of knee and elbow pads to choose from. Here are some options:

  • Elbow Pads Long Oval : These elbow pads are perfect for scuffs on the elbows. They not only repair your clothes, but also add a stylish accent to your garment. They measure 19 x 10 cm and are available in many colours.

  • Oval Suede Elbow Patches : These generous elbow patches give your sweater a beautiful suede look. They are wider than the other options and at 18 x 9cm, they are perfect for covering holes or scuffs on your favorite garments.

  • Knee pads Souplesse Pronty: These knee pads are also designed to be easily applied with an iron and can also be sewn on. They are made of a washable fabric that is colourfast and exceptionally flexible.

Recovery and Style in one

With our extensive selection of elbow patches you can not only repair your clothes, but also add a personal touch. Whether you opt for the traditional look or prefer to add a touch of luxury with suede elbow patches, your favorite pieces will last a long time.


Repair cloth and elbow pads are essential tools for anyone who values ​​durability and clothing repair. At we strive to provide high-quality products to help you keep your clothes in top condition while maintaining your personal style. Order now and give your clothes a second chance!

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