Dividable zippers

Want to buy a divisible zipper?

Split zippers are a specific type of zipper that can be separated along their entire length, making them ideal for use in garments and items that require a full opening, such as jackets, vests, hoodies, and some types of bags.

Structure and functionality

Our split zippers are designed to separate completely, making them ideal for garments and items that require a full opening. This unique feature makes them distinctive compared to non-separable zippers.

Various applications

From outdoor jackets to children's overalls, the versatility of our split zippers makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. They are also a favorite choice for sports and camping bags, where full access is a must.

Choice of material

Choose from metal, plastic or nylon to perfectly match your project. Our split zippers are made to be both durable and stylish, regardless of use.

Sizes and colors

With an extensive range of sizes and colors you will always find the perfect zipper for your project. Whether you are looking for a subtle finish or a striking accent, we have what you need.

Installation and maintenance

Follow our precise installation guide to ensure smooth operation and a professional finish. Good maintenance ensures that your divisible zippers last a long time and function optimally.