Satin ribbon 15mm wide

Add a touch of luxury to your creations with our 15mm wide double-sided satin ribbon. Perfect for sophisticated projects, this premium ribbon combines effortless elegance with versatility. Whether you're working on fashion accessories, gift packaging or home decor, our satin ribbon will take any project to the next level.

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Order luxury satin ribbon 15 mm wide

Made from high-quality materials, this double-sided satin ribbon emits a subtle sheen on both sides, making it ideal for a range of applications. At 15mm wide it is the perfect size for adding a sophisticated touch to wedding dresses, creating statement hair accessories or accentuating unique home decor.

This luxurious type of ribbon is specially designed to be both durable and pliable, making it easy to use and falls beautifully into bows and knots. The rich texture and weight of the ribbon ensures that every design you create exudes an impression of quality and sophistication.

Our range offers a variety of colours, so you will always find the perfect ribbon to complement your projects. From subtle pastel shades to deep, vibrant colours, each piece of satin ribbon is colourfast and resistant to fraying, ensuring a long-lasting finish to your work.

Whether you are a professional in the fashion industry, an avid hobbyist or someone looking for that special something to enhance your gift packaging, our 15mm wide double sided satin ribbon will give you the quality and aesthetics you need. Discover the possibilities and let your creativity run wild with this beautiful ribbon.