Minimum Order Amount

At we strive to offer exceptional products. To continue to guarantee this quality, we have introduced a minimum order value of €5 . We would like to explain why this measure is necessary.

  1. Profitability of small orders : We have found that very small orders are not financially feasible for our company. Processing these orders often costs us more than the revenue they generate. This is because packaging, handling, shipping and support costs remain the same regardless of the size of the order.

  2. Payment system costs : For every transaction we process, we pay a fee to the payment service providers. For smaller transactions, these costs represent a significant part of the transaction value, sometimes even putting us in a losing position.

  3. Sustainability and efficiency : By setting a minimum order amount, we encourage larger and more efficient orders. This not only helps to reduce our operating costs, but it also reduces the environmental impact by reducing the amount of packaging material and transport movements.

We understand that this policy may be an adjustment for some of our customers. However, this step is essential to ensure the quality and sustainability of our services in the long term. We greatly appreciate your understanding and continued support.

We are always open to questions or comments. Do not hesitate to contact us.