Gutermann Demin - Jeans sewing thread

Discover the versatility of Gütermann Denim Jeans sewing thread 100m. Sewing denim and jeans requires special materials that can guarantee the durability and style of the final product. Gütermann Denim sewing thread 100m offers the perfect solution for both hobbyists and professional tailors who strive for superior finishes and robust details.

High-quality Jeans sewing thread for sustainable creations

Gütermann Denim Jeans sewing thread is made of 100% polyester, making it extremely strong and robust. This sewing thread is specially designed for working with denim fabrics, from jeans to other trendy denim accessories such as bags, backpacks, cushion covers and more. The unique thread structure is optimally tailored to the tough demands of denim material, making it ideal for both decorative and functional seams.

Perfect for all types of denim projects

Whether you want to repair an old pair of jeans or create an entirely new garment, Gütermann Denim sewing thread ensures results that are both beautiful and practical. The thread is suitable for closing seams, backstitching seams, robust decorative stitches and decorative seams, as well as flat seams. Thanks to its high resistance to abrasion and excellent color fastness, your creations will continue to look good for a long time.

Easy to use and versatile

This sewing thread can be used as a needle or bobbin thread and is suitable for sewing multiple layers of fabric. Use a thicker needle from 90 - 110. The low thread tension requires fewer adjustments to your sewing machine, which simplifies and speeds up sewing. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, the Gütermann Denim sewing thread makes sewing denim a lot more accessible and enjoyable.

Stylish and professional

With Gütermann Denim Jeans sewing thread you not only add strength to your sewing, but also an element of style. The thread is designed to fit seamlessly with the classic denim look, giving your projects an authentic look. This makes it an excellent choice for fashion-conscious sewers who want to personalize or customize their own clothing.

Environmentally friendly and reliable

Environmentally friendly processes are taken into account in the production of Gütermann Denim sewing thread. The yarn is robust and durable, making it not only good for your sewing projects, but also for the planet. The consistency in quality and performance makes Gütermann a reliable choice for all your sewing needs.