Skirt zippers 22 cm

In our online haberdashery webshop you will find high-quality zippers of 22 cm with fine spiral teeth. These zippers are available with both a standard zipper puller and a stylish teardrop puller. Whether you're an avid seamstress or working on craft projects, our 22cm zippers are perfect for clothing, bags and accessories. Discover the versatility and quality of our zippers and give your creative projects the perfect finish.

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22 cm zippers: Quality and Versatility

Zippers are essential for countless sewing projects, and our 22cm fine spiral-toothed zippers are perfect for beginners and experienced sewers alike. These zippers are designed to combine durability and flexibility, making them ideal for a variety of creative applications.

Fine spiral teeth for smoothness

Our 22 cm zippers have fine spiral teeth, which means that the teeth of the zipper are close together. This ensures a smooth operation and makes them ideal for fine fabrics such as silk, chiffon, satin and more. The zipper slides open and closed easily without snagging or snagging, making your sewing projects look professional.

Different Tractor Styles

Our 22cm zippers are available with two puller styles: the standard zipper puller and the elegant teardrop puller. The standard zipper puller is functional and easy to use, while the teardrop puller adds a touch of elegance to your projects. Choose the tractor style that best suits your design and style preference.

Versatility in Creative Projects

These 22 cm zippers are versatile and suitable for different projects. Whether you are making garments such as skirts, dresses, trousers or jackets, or you want to manufacture accessories such as bags, wallets, cases or cosmetic bags, our zippers provide the perfect closure solution. With their durability and smooth operation, your creations will look professional and last a long time.

Easy Ordering Online

Ordering our 22 cm zippers is simple and convenient. Browse our range, select the color and pull style you want, add them to your shopping cart and check out safely. We offer fast shipping and excellent customer service to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.


Whether you're an experienced seamstress or just starting to sew, our 22cm fine spiral-toothed zippers are the perfect choice for a wide range of sewing projects. They offer durability, flexibility and versatility, making your projects look professional and last a long time. Choose from the standard zipper puller or the teardrop puller to give your designs a personal touch. Order today and unleash your creativity with our high-quality zippers.