Red satin ribbon

Our premium red satin ribbon with double-sided finish combines elegance and functionality, ideal for embellishing clothing and various decorations. This washable ribbon is a must-have for any creative collection.

Discover the versatility of Red Satin Ribbon

  • Double Sided Shine : Our satin ribbon offers a luxurious shine on both sides, perfect for versatile applications in clothing and decor.
  • Washability : Specially designed to withstand the washing machine, this ribbon retains its color and texture, making it ideal for garments that require regular maintenance.
  • Colorful and Vibrant : The deep red color adds rich, visual appeal to any creation, from fashion accessories to party decorations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the ribbon suitable for all types of clothing?
Yes, our red satin ribbon is versatile enough for use in both casual and formal wear, thanks to its durable, washable nature.
Can the ribbon be ironed?
Yes, the ribbon can be ironed at a low temperature to remove wrinkles while retaining its shine.

Use applications

Application Details
Clothing Accentuate dresses, blouses or accessories with this versatile ribbon for a pop of color.
Decorations Ideal for adding a festive touch to interiors, events and gift packaging.

This durable, double-sided red satin ribbon is the perfect choice for creatives who value quality and versatility in their projects.